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  • 15.01.2017 8:43 PM
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    What is the 2017 crop looking like - any estimates.

    More or less than 2016 and by what percentage 

  • 25.02.2015 12:26 PM
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    Hi There, just got back from patrolling our orchards and scaring away again those pesky cockies. We have some blight on our Chandlers, but the howards and franquettes are looking good so far. Hopeful for an autumn Break before our irrigation dam runs dry.

    How is your 2015 season looking? will you have bumper crop this year? click reply, and be sure to also click subscribe to this forum to follow other replies.

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  • 21.08.2014 3:11 PM
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    Cockatoos last season have been in bigger numbers  than I have seen  for several years in our area. I have chased them off the  trees  during winter. They take  large numbers of walnuts and despite shooting and using the various methods they are not deterred.

    Has anybody used lasers to scare them . I understand in USA  lasers are sometimes used to deter birds from orchards.

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  • 19.06.2013 4:17 PM
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    well, its now June and we have all but run out of Jumbo nuts. Have plenty of large to enter the market though.

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  • 13.02.2013 12:47 AM
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    In Harcourt Victoria,

    We have had a few nut sunburnt walnuts this year, the paddocks are very dry with many limbs broken due to high winds, however it does look like it will be a good crop this year.  Looking forward to the harvest.
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  • 12.02.2013 5:48 PM
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    How is your season going? At Myrrhee in NE Vic it is very dry. the crop is good, but strong winds have broken many nut laden branches. The cockies are in flocks totalling 200 at the last count. Please share your season with the group.
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  • 24.03.2011 1:01 AM
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    I haven't had any nuts this year and tree growth has been very slow this year.  Howard trees seem to have suffered the most with the Tulare able to recover much easier.
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  • 21.01.2011 3:24 PM
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    How is everyone going with this year's growth. the huge amount of rain has meant that our spray units were very busy during the spring. Mike and I have found that we are having a lot of the  nuts now dropping due to blight....was just too wet to get on top of it.
    How  is it in your part of the world?
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